Academy of Sustainable Fuels
Ethanol use and production

Academy of Sustainable Fuels
 Ethanol Bio-Fuel workshops.
Summer .
Why Button ....And…… Fuel making camps.


...6 day camp starting $150.00 per day or $750 for all six.
2 day distillers workshops    $250.00 per session.

Class dates are negotiable. call 715-683-2540

2014 we are caring for my Mother full time. All else revolves about this commitment.

My family and I have been promoting and selling sustainable energy products from our Central Wisconsin Homestead since 1987.   Experimentation and research has led us to conclude that ethanol fuel could be a big component in our quest for energy independence.

I converted my 95 Geo tracker to flex fuel in summer of 2009 and have driven more than 50,000+ miles on a combination of E85 and ethanol fuel that I distill myself. I got a free permit to make up to 10,000 gallons of ethanol fuel a year.

You can too.

Ethanol fuel camp and workshop

Camps offer some 50 hours of instruction and hands on production.  Tuition $150 per day or $750 for all 6. Scholarship available if needed.

Classes start date as can be arranged by phone call

2 day Distillation workshops ....  $250.00 per session.

Telephone enrollments only.

Call for availability and to sign up for your spot. 715-683-2540

Click Here for detailed class description. Individual Instruction by arrangement. Barter OK.


Hope we talked to some of you at the MREA Energy Fair, Custer WI, in June . We also had our display at The Green Drive Expo in Madison July 23 & 24. It was good to meet so many who have a passion for renewable energy.

Call 715-683-2540 or email: